Overheard at the Tournament of Ove, the gathering point for the First Crusade of the Heartwash:

“I come from this land, the Saviors. Our people were driven here long ago, this defensive corner of the world where we could hold the barbarians at bay. Dark times my friends but our people were known for their resilience even then. Over hundreds of years we have forged ourselves in a battle for survival, holding our borders and yes even expanding them against everything that ventures forth from the Pale Shroud around us….but now I believe our time has come. Our people are sick of living in a box, we descend from empire makers, world shakers, the very messengers of the gods given flesh and our destiny will not be a grim battle for existence. We have rediscovered the path through the Shroud, the path we entered this prison through….the path which no force will stop us from exiting through as long as I draw breath….the Heartwash awaits, who’s with me!”

Cutlet of the Yvers Fenris, Tournament of Ove

“Know now that you are the one true people. Know now that you are trained above all your Savior kin. Know now that you will live even when death spreads her long shadowed wings above you…you are Legion Prima. Our shouts will echo through the world inspiring those who follow behind us!”

“Your sacrifices are many. Your path is set through the mountains. We will see what our Ancestors have seen. These are indeed glorious times and our names shall live on through the ages as the First Wave of Prima. Do me pround, do your nation proud, let nothing stand in our way to freedom…”

Arcus of the Seventh Legion Prima (soon to be renamed the First Wave Prima), Tournament of Ove

“Well my old friends looks like there’s something new to do….shall we?”

Herenthenane Locke of the Versendi Harbringers, Tournament of Ove

Trust in greed, these people starve fighting for their homes here. Beyond those mountains is a new life, better or worse it matters not – you give a beaten person a chance at change and they’ll take it. Tell them the plains are green and the mountains glitter with gold in the sunlight and they’ll believe you – not because they are fools but because they want to believe in a way out of this. When we get there it will be too late to come back.”

Oveel, Commander of the Alavee Ove Footman to his Recruiting Serjeant, Tournament of Ove

“Away we go Turvaan brothers and Turvaan sisters, away to a distant land. We will strike and fade to the dunes, we will trap and punish those who seek us harm. So it has been here, so it will be there. Follow me as I follow you and we will find death or life together…you have sworn an oath to Turvann, in her eyes you are already dead – find courage in this as you live on yet.”

Nameless Dragon Born Turvaan Patrol Leader to his band of Raiders, Tournament of Ove

Blue Sands, Black Houses

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